Why chess is the worst game of all time

If you love chess, turn back now. No positivity in this post, please. I just want people who genuinely believe that chess is awful, or at least, think they can make a compelling argument for why chess is the worst game of all time. I'll start.

Chess is the worst game of all time because it makes me rage, it requires zero talent to be good at, it is all bull*hit memorization and repetition and the kinds of people it attracts are generally horrible, annoying and untrustworthy.

Please continue.

If you're doing this to get attention, I truly feel bad for you. I mean insulting one of the most famous chess sites, and saying you don't like chess is nothing but a nonsensical act. If you don't like chess, you are free to go. No need to spread hate on this website.

People play chess because it is a fun sport. And if you hate chess because of excess memorization then you clearly have another sport to play.

I mean chess is entirely skill based and one of the only perfect information games, There's your attention, hope you're happy

Idk why it's so hard to read the first sentence of my post.

Go back to crossword puzzles where no memory is needed.

Fischer Random doesn’t require memorization and takes away the complaints you have about chess.

@jonesmh Your argument has never been so invalid. I unfortunately have a lot of opening theory memorized, many different lines, sometimes dozens of moves deep. I've solved thousands of puzzles and spent thousands of hours playing this horrible game. That's why I'm so salty towards it. I've become an addict, and I'm only now realizing it is a bad game that is impacting me negatively. If you can't see what I'm trying to say when I'm being sarcastic, I'll say it directly. The purpose of this post is to find people who feel a similar way, not to waste my time on people who will tell me "aww actually chess is great" or "well if you don't like it don't play it". Thanks for your understanding, everyone.

And the people who took the joke (or sarcastic way of putting what I just explained) seriously, will now downvote whatever I say. Well, it's hilarious anyway.

@PoolOfLiver this is a uplifting forum. All people can see and reply to it. Don’t be upset when people downvote you because majority of people in this forum like chess and will give their opinions.