Why chess is the worst game of all time

It's not. merely just one other game depending on luck in the end.

Chess is a game full of excitement and fun.
8 different prices play on the board, all contrasting vastly!
Victory tastes sweet, and you'll always be able to learn something from a loss.
Chess is so fun it's addictive,
You could play it all day.
There is an awesome site called Lichess you can play it on,, the best chess site ever,
Another point is that if you didn't play chess you wouldn't have experienced the bliss of the emoji I purposely put on my own postπŸ˜‚

So yeah, I totally agree with you guys,
Chess is awesome!!! β™•β™›β™•β™›β™•

I don't mean to be mean-spirited here but the original post is absurd...Chess is a great game. If there is a problem, it lies with some of the people who choose to play it...

Ladies and gents: in a perfect world/mind, none of us would make mistakes. In real life, we do. Chess is no exception to the rule. Ipso facto: human mistakes in decide in the end the result. That's called: "Luck". So in the end chess is in essence depending on just that: luck. Fun game, I do agree!

I'm sorry to disappoint all the people who got incredibly angry over it, but yes, it obviously is.