Who is the worst player to have an opening named after them?

e4 e5 qf3?? I don't think I have ever herd of that. Maybe its the dumbed version of its cousin. e4 e5 Qh5?

also isn't the Benko the gambit in the benoni called the volga/volger gambit? I don't remember but its something like that.

d4 nf6 c4 c5 d5 b5!?

ahh that tells me to be quite on what i dont know about.

Its the hungarian/benko. I only knew it as the hungarian opening.

I guess you learn something every day.

#31 e4 e5 Qh5 can be a killer opening if black falls into the trap. And even if black avoids the trap, what's the best next move, Nc6?

e4 e5 qh5 nc6 bc4 g6 qf3 nf6 d3 nd4 qd1 white loses tempy. Even if white stops Nd3 there are many other issues to solve. I think its far easier to play with black and nobody is going to fall for the mate that is familiar with chess lets say 1000+.

Your right, nice sequence for black; not hard to imagine happening either.

This conversation is cruel and coldhearted but it's probably Tartakower.

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