Who is the worst player to have an opening named after them?

LOL. I know what the damiano is. Its one of the first openings I teach kids how to refute. And no I mean the worst player not the worst opening but that has to compete for the worst opening ever.

A famous game in the damiano is one where bobby fischer had white and he could only draw.

edit: dont tell my students about that game LOL.

Reason why I mention Bird was bad is he had a -10 score or something like that against Morphy (But he was really good).

Barnes Defense 1.e4 f6?
It was used to defeat Morphy once however

I don't know if Ruy Lopez was much of a player? But he sure came up with a great opening!...also Albin had his albin counter gambit, and he never had any great success. :]

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