What do you like most about lichess?

Post whatever you like about Lichess!
I like the Hyperbullet and Ultrabullet tournaments :)

I like community and all the features that are offered here :)

Well, its waaay better then chesscom, and its free! they don't even keep ads, its too cozy and comfy here. I probably won't move to any other site, ever.

The variants, Crazyhouse, Racing Kings etc, lichess has certainly done something the other chess sites didn't. Chess24 had no takebacks and the fact that you can earn points by constantly playing against the weakest computer just makes the server broken. is naff, it's not comfy, the design is lowkey ugly, doesn't give you as much freewill as lichess does. Lichess gives you a better chance to improve. They update computers, for instance they updated Stockfish Lv1, they make it fun for you, they have a MUCH better internet system than Chess24. Chess24 makes you disconnect rather quickly whilst lichess gives you more of a chance. Lichess is definitely the best chess website, it's larger, more helpful, more exciting, more diverse, you can do whatever you want on the site and the reporting system is actually good. So yeah, that's what I really like about lichess. So inviting. You don't really require anything.

Lichess is my favorite of all chess sites because of the UNLIMITED ANALYSIS of games. I go back over every game after I play and analyze the moves. Hopefully I will never be required to create a "premium" account just to examine my moves with an engine.