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  3. vitamins.

Do vitamins work to improve mental focus? B-12, Ginseng, or whatever? / Are top rated players taking vitamins to improve their performance? If anyone has any info on this subject please share. Much appreciated.

dont take a game so seriously.

Of all legal and easily available "supplements", one that can plausibly improve chess performance is caffeine.
I have no hard data on this, but an excess might increase blunder rate, and is not very healthy in general.

nuts, peanuts etc....

lol no vitamins don't do anything unless you are deficient in them to begin with

I heard that Vitamin B, at least the german variant, drastically increases probability of accomplishment.

If its German it will only increase your chances of getting into a lost endgame yet playing it out stubbornly.

@MikeyG Why... ? also you missed the ' it's called "If it's German". Germans never -and I repeat never - stubbornly go for a lost game -.- ...

I was referring to, maybe slightly racily, the fact that Germans, in my experience, tend to start alternations (Be in world wars, fisticuffs, tomfoolery, etc.) and then don't realize or accept when its time to call it quits.

@MikeyG Obviously that was what you ar referring to... but still the topic about vitamins evolved into a slightly "racially" loaded, dumbo crashing into a giant giraff dump, circus.

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