Speed has replaced Quality (here on lichess in particular)

People, to speak bluntly: it‘s not about flagging and I am no sore loser. This would be a bit simple.

Question: Why does a bull(sh)et approach prevail, in any time period?

Blitz 5+0, happens now more often than in the good ol’ days:

When I play blitz, I try to play 5+4 lol

Speed has never replaced quality, since those two things are different aspects of chess. Describing a Blitz tournament in 60s some famous Russian GM commented that everyone (top 10 in the world players) was hanging pieces left and right while Fischer didn’t hang a single pawn the entire event. Tal was bashed a lot for his quick and unsound play, people basically said the same thing Sargon said here: that new generation Tal’s speed and aggressive tricks (aka coffee house chess) replaced quality of Botvinnik etc. Capablanca said the same about Alekhine, that his game is 20% bluff etc.

Quality of longer games in recent times has gone UP, not down, on every level, since people know more now. Quality of speed chess also has gone up for the same reason. Time controls shortened in speed chess since without internet and digital auto clocks there is no way to play a 15 second hyper bullet LOL. Shorter time controls = worse quality of chess.

Don’t confuse the two. Quality is quality. Speed is speed.

What’s happening here is basically you don’t like playing quickly. And that’s fine. You prefer higher quality and more time. Ok. But insane time scrambles and trying to flag one another always happened in every time control on every level, and will always happen in the future. Go on youtube and watch Kasparov stalemate Georgiev? That’s from 1980s, isn’t it? Playing to flag someone is nothing new.

@Kusokosla Did you see the game given in #21? It was Blitz. Rating >2000.

Such things have become fashion, why? That ain’t quality any more. It‘s BS.

PS: it‘s not always about me. Just observations regarding the whole pool. Feel free to discuss! CU

Bit wondering about that game 2000+ feeding bishop. probably a pre-move? but not resigning after giving away bishop on very beginnig is reallly odd

But online chess is different bizarre opening are far more usual. Blundering is more usual. But online is entertainment so ....


LOL I spit my tea out bursting out laughing at the Bishop opening “sac”.

I see your point, there is a spill over! Our world is speeding up, and quality of everything is compromised, since producers of things, be it cars or chess games or whatever else, have to produce their product or results faster! And thus quality drops. And after playing too much internet bullet your opponent probably just was unable to switch back to sanity mode.

I had an older Mercedes, it was solid, thick metal, leather and wood everywhere, an absolute tank. Then I sat in a new one... cheap thin plastic everywhere, everything breaks and cracks, because these days they have to make more cars, cheaper and faster. So you definitely have a point in that regard!

This kind of stuff happened always, but of course more now, yes. In a tournament in 1960s one game between two GMs went:
1 d4 Nf6
2 c4 e6
3 Nf3 Bb4+
4 Bd2 Ke7... (Not Qe7)
5 B:b4 K:b4


i see the problem now,

play with increment if you want a bit of quality

1+0 ,3+0, 5+0, 10+0
are all about who can make the most number of moves in the least amount of time without getting checkmated,

it is not all about chess

wow 2 ... d5 3 Bc4!! (double question mark). Maybe he meant Bb5`!!! (triple question mark) creating a doubled-pawn?? :D

This kind of play makes me think the other guy is using an engine and wants to see if the engine is able to win playing with a bishop down.

Can't see other reasons.

As an 1800 rapid, 1900 blitz and 2000 bullet player, I think I have some authority when I agree, if partially, with the first post.
Before, I would be a "quick player". That bullet-ing blitz and rapid player. That guy who couldn't play chess and would try and flag you. The very fast 2000 player that loved hyperbullet.

After taking a two month break, here are my observations:

Blitz quality has degraded. Not a game goes by without me being in time trouble. The opponent speeds through the opening, usually allowing me some from of advantage that he/she is completely unaware of.
(Not to mention their opening and follow-up moves are horrendously lame and stale. )

A once struggling 1800 blitz player has easily climbed up to 1903 just "chilling" and playing chess. I wasn't even giving it my full attention, just trying to play s p i c y and I somehow hit 1900.
Perhaps I am just stereotyping this 1700-1900 group, but that rating section is perhaps the best example of ^speed and vquality. They're insanely fast, but play sequences of inaccuracies and mistakes, ultimately leading to their demise.

These 1800s play boring opening and decent midgame, and struggle in the endgame. Once my man realizes he is down a queen, he tries to hopelessly dirty premove a free rook that is impossible to capture. Right before he resigns, he offers a genuine draw, which lasts for about 5 seconds.

I disagree about anything with rapid; it's very stable and plenty of quality. But with blitz and bullet, definitely gone down.

Thanks for getting this far! :) Quite a rant, hope you enjoyed