Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?

So I played against a user, who happened to be bulgarian as me. He used a lot of trash talking, explaining how certain his victory is, how there is no point of continuing playing, several "hahahaha" coments and so on... At the end - I won and he said he is sorry and that it was a strategy form him, trying to made me lose my nerves and concentration :D, however it left me a bit dissapointed because of the bad experience.
I wonder if I should report him for his disrespectful behaviour?

i think you should report whatever you find inappropriate. At the very least block this guy.

Yes, report the user and block them. I don't think they should be banned for this behaviour, but they should at least be warned. This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated.

If you want to get really serious: Since it continued throughout the game, I think a case could be made that this is bordering on violating point 5 of the Fair Play and Community Guidelines in the Terms of Service of the site. But that's probably overkill. In practice, people should follow the rule "don't be a dick", and it sounds to me like they were being a dick.

"Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?"

No. You're not a schoolchild. Handle it yourself.

Poor little certainly are not serious in this..if it makes you cry to be talked to like a grownup,don't pretend to be one.

@nayf and @bunyip
Lets make this clear, Im not complaining, nor do I want to make him"pay" for how he reacted during the game. I just wonder how should a lichess user react in such situation. After all nobody wants to get trolled during a good game.