Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?

Overall it's only a very few loonies who would act like that in otb games. I don't see any reason why it should be acceptable to put on a freak show to disturb your opponent, neither otb nor internet.

I guess people believe what they want to believe. To repeat, there are GMs and masters who do it for fun sometimes. They are not necessarily "loony". Search it on yt.

If the opponent accepts it, it's ok. Maybe the opponent finds it amusing too. But if the opponent gets annoyed or disturbed by it, and you still continue it, then you're a loony.

Btw it wouldn't be a surprise that many of GM's would be loonies too. Chess is quite a bit a loony hobby to begin with.


You're hilarious dude, love the "trying to sound smart" language you're using too, pls keep going! :)

By now the trashtalker might have seen this and stopped trashtalking! ;)
Btw, repot and block or maybe blocking is enough.

Either talk back, resign or ignore, thunder of silence is the most powerful one, remember that!

Checkmated that captcha, again!

Have you guys ever watched a chessnetwork stream? Jerry alway clicks the "good luck" "have fun" then immediately switches off the chat....


Simply press "z" to go to Zen-mode.

Then you can't see the chat, the name of the player and his rating.