Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?

Never answer or discuss anything, block and report.


Trash talking blitz chess feud: Feingold vs. Williams

(Both are GMs)

Yes, report it. When they know each other, then people may 'trash talk' a little for amusement. But to do this to strangers is plain rude; I find it unpleasant when people do it to me, and I never do it online.

He very clearly said he did it as a strategy to make you lose. As far as I know, chess rules don't allow that and that's not allowed in this chess server.

So at least never play him again, nice of you to beat him tho.

Also entertaining:

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley plays NYC trash talker

The great Carlini vs. trash talking tournament director

International master takes on trash talking 12 year old

GM Max Dlugy vs. IM Danny Rensch: chess trash talk

(And many other on yt. Maybe you should all report them to google)

@nayf so should i just link hundreds of thousands of games where both players were silent?

Depends on what you mean by trash talking. But generally yes, you should report + block him. Better yet win the game, altough most trash talkers only start talking crap after they think they won. Had a really funny game recently against a trashtalker. 😂

The important reason for reporting BM players is that they are toxic to the community. Its not about your feelies but about keeping the site clean.


 "so should i just link hundreds of thousands of games where both players were silent?"

Why, has anyone here complained about silent players, and even discussed reporting them to the moderators like school children?

I do agree with you that when a position is untenable it's worth piling on the illogical arguments in the hope of creating general confusion.

My favourite, although there is so much noise in the background that it's hard to discern the trash talk, is:

International master takes on trash talking 12 year old

The 12 year old is a hilarious, brilliant, adorable girl, who I think pulled off a draw (it's a bit hard to see on my phone). Watch and enjoy.

I played a trash talking FM OTB who gave me 5 minutes and took 30 seconds, $5 a game. He won the first two and I won the next two, then draw and he quit. Maybe he was better at trash talking than at chess, because once I managed to concentrate and ignore his dumb yapping, I massacred him. Point once again: it's a minor tradition in amateur blitz chess. You don't like it? No one is forcing you to play.