Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?

Another amusing one:

9 year old chess prodigy hustles trash talker!

Spoiler alert: kid wins


"Yes, please report. Chess is... at least should be a gentlemen sport. I can't imagine Carlsen trash-talking ... over the table ... not even a little bit."

So guess what? You don't have to "imagine" Carlsen trash talking, you can simply WATCH and LISTEN to him trash talking on at least half a dozen yt vids. Reality is apparently much richer than your imagination. For instance, search:

Magnus Carlsen trash talking vs. World Top 100 Grandmaster - Speed Chess

And several others. Maybe you had better report him to Google.

@gogoLSFC you are allowed to report if you believe there is probable cause, my personal recommendation is to click the little box and simply disable the chat. It seems unfortunate that this query has antagonized so many scattered comments. This topic should have served it's purpose by now.

Reporting should be limited to name calling profanity and insults and the like. If we start reporting because someone comments about the game itself that's a pretty slippery slope. I know youth of today are very sensitive and need their safe space, but wow. Is it so hard to uncheck that box?


"Sissies and tattletales" Really?

Maybe you should focus some more on updating your vocabulary to this century instead of putting all this time and energy on trying to convince people that bullying is a noble activity. It's a bit like watching Don Quixote come alive.

Yeah, this topic can be closed. It seems like some people didnt quite get what I wanted to ask. I did not felt bullied or offenced by the trashtalker, and I do think that he was a kid (teenager), however I've been using lichess for 2 years now and that was the fist time to play against such a player. Thats why I didnt know how to respond, based on the lichess rules. Its never nice to have to play against someone who lacks respect for you. I havent reported him or blocked him, and I would play against him again if I see him in the lobby.

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