Should I report a user who trashtalked during the whole game?

Block him if it really bothers you. If you feel like the comments are worth reporting, then go ahead.

There is a tradition of trashtalking while playing that some masters and grandmasters participate in. You can watch GM Ben Feingold playing trashtalk blitz with what's his name, British GM, on YT. I know an FM who plays that way. It's considered fun and all part of the game by these people. If you don't like it, walk away, or block. To bother a site monitor about it, like a school sissy that tells the principal because a kid used a "bad word", should be beneath your dignity. All the more in that here, unlike OTB, you can ignore the "talk" completely as it is not literally talk and makes no sound. That you chose not to ignore it says something about you.


"school sissy"?

Who are you? Why are you so awesome? I bet you were the strongest kid in your school and everyone respected you. No "sissies" ever dared to mess with you, that's for sure!

Yes, please report. Chess is... at least should be a gentlemen sport. I can't imagine Carlsen trash-talking Vachier-Lagrave over the table in the next hour game, not even a little bit.


One need not be particularly strong to refrain from being a tattletale. It's a question of values, not strength. Your confusion of the two, and habitual recourse to sarcasm, however, are revealing.

Holy backflipping Jesus just click the little box that disables the chat.