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  3. Sharp response to d4?

So recently I've been looking for something sharp, and relatively open to play against 1. d4. Usually d4 games end up being extremely boring such as the Queen's gambit and I personally much prefer sharp and aggressive openings. To give an idea, I play the King's gambit as white and Sicilian against 1. e4. But against 1. d4 I'm having trouble finding something sharp and fun. I've been playing the Benko but I feel as if black is inferior if white plays correct. I've heard the Kings Indian is pretty sharp, is it worth trying out? Thanks

You could try the Black Knight's Tango, 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 Nc6. It has surprise value against d4 players, some lines that give a good kingside attack after tempting white to advance pawns in the centre, and often transposes to a Nimzo Indian which is perfectly decent for Black. For something sharper, try the classical or Leningrad Dutch. These aren't really open, but that's hard to get against d4.

Eww blacks knight tango is gross

Dutch. If you like king gambit, then you are already familiar with f-pawn weaknesses. :) is an interesting try, although it's unsound, I've played it against 2000s, and they all transpose to the Danish Gambit. The Sniper (1...c5 followed by g6 and Bg7) is closely related to the Dragon Sicilian.

I enjoy playing the Gruenfeld. It's not really sharp in the classical sense in that there aren't usually any crazy kingside attacks going on, and if there are then it's usually black that's getting attacked - but it leads to imbalanced and lively positions. And even if white declines it, it leads to imbalanced and fun positions. The only way for white to really try to keep the position quiet is the london.

The downside is that black concedes the center. If he's not quick and careful he can end up either getting wiped off the board, or in just a hopeless position.

KID of course! ;)

Random example, yet fresh:

The best response, of course, is 1... e6 followed by 2... Ke7!!

This opening leads to some very interesting and sharp lines.

Of course, the same applies to responding to 1. e4, 1. c4, 1. Nf3, and any other first move by White.

Maybe Albin-counter gambit?

Response to d4? playing with Leela Chess Zero i discovered that with black it plays the old benoni against d4 (using network 138 and 60k nodes per move or depth 23) A46 Neo benoni with 3...e6. Alexander Alekhine defeated Efim Bogoljubow with old benoni in one game of their second match, in 1934.

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