Sandbagging spike on lichess šŸš€


In fact, I don't think there is an algorithm to find sandbaggers, some person (some of the administrators) needs to check the suspicious games, the player's performance (too much variation of ELO), etc ...

A little trick: Utilize the rating graphs on their profile and see whether they dipped a ton of points (generally more than 300 points or so), and then you can go back and search for games within that time range (using advanced search there is an option to search for games between 2 dates) and see whether or not they are throwing games.

Good luck everyone!

Then you just have to look at the games and make a judgement on that... keep in mind that it is easy to drop a ton of points when provisional.

The first games are almost always played by losing, to reach low elo (even 800-1000). When they have reached the final score, they begin to participate in tournaments. With low Elo, they make honest players lose a lot of points. Or an honest player with an elo higher than maybe 300 elo points, when he plays with these sandbaggers, halves the time, believing he is playing with a poor player. And in 95% of cases it loses. Then outside of the tournaments they lose again to lower elo, and the story begins again.

There is a simple way to catch many more sandbaggers automatically. Compare in-tournament performance and out-tournament performance. And especially performance in U-tournaments.

The only reason to sandbag is to get a lower rating to participate in U tournaments and collect tournament wins. A few sandbaggers are more than enough to ruin many U1500 tournaments.

In the few cases I looked at (including one I reported and got banned), there is an obvious and massive difference between performance in U-tournaments and performance in normal rated games.

As a general rule of thumb, any multiple U-tournament winner/high-performer should be highly suspicious. Getting a 1800 perf rating in one u1500 blitz tournament may happen. But when it happen consistently over several tournaments ? Sandbagger right here.

Also, increasing the amount of rated games required to participate in blitz/bullet tournaments wouldn't be a bad thing.

@obladie Forget the money. Why do we want to earn money? Only for food? Few of us.

Fame and glory is what we want. Money can buy it. But why take the detour over money when you can earn it directly by winning a tournament?

@Ogrilla_Fan they might have left the site, just because their account isn't active anymore doesn't mean they are still here but on some different id.

In league of legends at least, most players can't gauge their decisions / what they wanted to play, what they played against, who they played with and against and all that after a game. This is because they lose objectivity and start entertaining things like emotions or the bias from result based analysis. It's hard to claim "there is a spike in my own tournament bracket" or "There are cheaters in my recent games" or anything of the kind unless you have some way to prove that 1) you know better play than your own (Which if you did why aren't you rated higher?) and 2) You are somehow above Bias that 9/10 people (or more) aren't.

#56 Great idea, but I dont know whether it is so simple as you say to implement this feature as I have no clue about programming/coding.
Like everyone who frequently overperforms in those Uxxx arenas is automatically reported to the mods and the mods do the job to take human look at their accounts and their rating progress.

Anyway, this is sick. Getting fame by beating obviously weakest.
Hard to believe that someone, deep inside, can be really proud of it.
Getting all attention and congratulations for something one doesnt really deserve.
I feel sorry for all Uxxx players who are looking for the tourneys with equal competition and face them.
Its not like they can join regular tourneys and get paired after few games with players of their rating.
Arena is no swiss. They face higher-rated latejoiners and get beaten all over again. :<