Sandbagging spike on lichess 🚀

Why doesn't lichess catch sandbaggers? Because not enough people report them

Report people who break the rules and if they are indeed doing so, they will get banned eventually

But why would a player with elo 2000 and above play in U 1500 tournaments? Do you want to humiliate poorer players like me? Do you want to amaze people with a phenomenal game? Low-rated tournaments are infested with these scammers.

@campacavalloscacchi What if they just signed up? What if they came to analyze games and just join ? What if they were under 1500 for whatever reason and just wanted to play? it doesn't have to be about YOU. They don't need a reason and it doesn't necessarily break any rules or carry any ill will to speak of.


I am not speaking at random. I know quite well which ones play honestly and which ones cheat. Cheating players usually play well in tournaments, and then lose miserably in non-tournament games. And maybe they have a very low elo (900-1100) and then win with other players with elo 2000 and above (but these are easy to find). Just look closely. I got several banned.

@Funkmaus yes I understand that, I was just saying that those numbers carry forward to other arenas as well..I have only played this cash prize arenas twice or thrice and that was months ago, and I can authentically say that more than 50% of the players I faced were severely underrated/sandbagging players..I never said you missed a point but was merely adding that this could also be the reason in the spike of sandbaggers.. :-)