Sandbagging spike on lichess šŸš€

You lads are drifting the point....... The point isn't about getting higher..... I can get higher if I want by farming an equal rated player...... The point is sandbagging is a bad thing

#16 what I said was that after you lose 10 points to a sandbagger you will gain more or lose less in future games because if you were sandbagged then your rating is now 10 lower than your 'true' playing strength.

In addition everyone else this player beats is also 10 points lower so actually from a grading comparison perspective it does not matter.

What I do agree with is that if this sandbagger plays in a grading restricted tournament then this can be annoying but simply read the tournament result without the sandbagger.

If you are playing in an organised grade restricted event then the organisers should be keeping an eye on this sort of thing.

sand bagging is against Lichess T&Cs but generally is not such a serious problem to get all concerned about - if the player is not cheating in other ways then you are still playing the person it is just the grading points reward that is different

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I dont think I have missed the point in my initial comment because I can clearly understand the reasons of sandbaggers when its about entering/winning those Uxxx arenas or even worse, making money profit of rating category prizes in real life or in online tournaments. Obviously the OP wasnt talking about that. Have checked their history. They are concerned about facing sandbaggers in regular arenas, open for everybody, with no money involved at all...
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well! ... fun fact is that they took actions against that player
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Playing in a tournament too weak for you is not sandbagging, it's lowering your rating that is. Rating is a performance metric, a 2800 rating grandmaster could join a U1600 tournament on a fresh account and there would be no fault. If a person lowers rating on purpose, that action is the sandbagging. You have to look at losing games and penalize that action, you can't just say "oh this person played too well" and fault them for it.

As a player who has been banned for "artificially decreasing rating", I can say that some supposed "sandbaggers" are not what you think. I played all my games with blindfold mode or the "shapes" piece set and got a rating around 1400. I decided to turn those off for a Titled Arena warm up so I could potentially play vs titled players, but I got banned for sandbagging. If you look at my games history, I never intentionally lost any games. It's unfortunate that making multiple accounts is against the ToS, so you can't make blindfold-only accounts, but using blindfold mode counts as "deflating rating".

@TransPride I think most would tell you to be responsible and play to your own rating. If only to avoid wasting people's time when they sign up for a game against a player of that rating.

Simple. There was no spike in sandbagging because the ratios I'm sure between the sandbaggers and non-sandbaggers have remained the same. However, the number of people have greatly increased with the coronavirus pandemic forcing many chess players to go online and others to start chess due to boredom. If the number of people increases and the ratio between sandbaggers and non-sandbaggers remains the same, the number of sandbaggers would obviously increase. Probably the phenomenon you're seeing here.

I think a lot of supposed sandbaggers aren't even. I made a thread earlier showing off my first chess game and people called me all sorts of things even though I not only didn't derank my account on purpose but haven't even lost yet!