Sandbagging spike on lichess 🚀

What is lichess doing about the large amount of sandbaggers in tournaments these days or are they just going to ignore?
Especially the ultrabullet, hyperbullet, and bullet tournaments
I mean it's way too obvious for them not to notice
Or should I sandbag too?

I imagine speedy time formats aren't taken as seriously as real chess. Mods might be more lenient.

It's really tough to differentiate between timeout and sandbagging in ultra.many people perposefully let there time out(for sandbagging) and tell that they were thinking.

Hey @Ogrilla_Fan - to your question: NO, you shouldnt.
It is same as you would have asked: is it okay to use computer assistance as well when I know that my opponent does...
[Disclaimer: I am not a mod] :-)

To the topic:
I wonder whether sandbagging is a problem on higher levels.
Whats the point to lower the rating on purpose there?!
To be underestimated? To make someone more hurt after losing?
Well - wont work on me - I play the position and not opponents rating and dont care about points at all.

People are suspecting others fast. Let's say it is your awful chess day. You play horribly, tilt and lose over 200 points.
It's pretty standard to go up and down between 100-200 points in rating - and when arriving at your lowest rating, there is for sure a danger to be considered sandbagger by people who have seen you at your highest...

@Funkmaus Well you see that hurt part
It gets to me a lot
Imagine playing a 1100 rated player and he moves as fast as a 2k rated player with equivalent strong moves
That rips away my passion for chess
Makes me wanna quit
Since I have reported a few and lichess didn't take any action regarding this
There is a quote that says "if you can't beat them, Join them"
I mean it's been really hard to keep my ratings high because of this folks anyway

Thanks for sharing, dear @Ogrilla_Fan - sure I can understand that part; your brought up an extreme example.
Luckily, as I have already said above, I play the position on the board and not the opponents rating - so that doesn’t affect me at all.

I think what you need to do is realize that it isnt actually your rating as an imaginary number beside your name, its your attachment of YOUR EGO to the rating. Try to find a solution for yourself to fix that issue.
Here some thoughts:
If the rating takes the joy out of the game for you - play casual - its not a crime to "ratesit" on your best. :)
Play in zen-mode - hide their rating - at least, it wont bother you during the game.
Consider sandbaggers bad people who what to see you hurt - don’t let them manipulate your emotions!

Believe me, I used to care about ratings as well. It helped me a lot to realize that my highest rating is someone’s worst.
I can’t reach the sky. There will always be better/faster ones around. And still, I do hate losing, but with losing I mean being beaten on the board and not losing online-points. :<

Probably the best way to "manipulate/inflate" your rating is to improve. In bullet time controls the practice makes it perfect.
Enjoy, relax, worry less - just let the negative people consume themselves.
Btw. I easily conter your quote with my profile-quote. Read it if you care...
Have a nice day :-)

@Funkmaus There's another reason why people sandbag..A lot of prize money tournaments are being conducted locally by organizers in this part of India, and most of it has category prizes, lichess ratings at the end of the tournament being considered. There are a lot of sandbaggers, some of them I personally have reported, and some people still live and breathe in lichess despite their sandbagging being so obvious.

Also in many arenas, people berserk when they see a rating of say below 1400 only to see them play at 2000-2400(lichess) level...When we look at their profile post the game we see that their best victories are against 2400s and their worst defeats from 600s where they play 1.f3 2.g4 ......