Isn't simply better than Lichess ?

I think is the main site for play chess, so why do you play on lichess ? What do you find better in playing on lichess instead of ?

Servers are way better... just feels a bit shady/blurry while playing. Lichess just feels a bit smoother in my eyes...

The main thing is; lichess is open source. It is a free chess server where you wont find annoying ads too. and the design of lichess is far better as well.

From playing on both sites, I only play here now. On top of the reasons mentioned above, I believe it has better cheat detection. I also like the game history under your profile and how easy it is to filter them.

IT'S OPEN SOURCE !!!!? It had to be said before! I'm a Dev !
Youpi !!! is a fuc**** plateform compare to here !
But no one love here ? It's strange...

I think the chess is better here. People come here to play.

I like Danny Rensch and the team, but, unfortunately, website is clunky at best.
I found it to be unintuitive; finding certain buttons like rematch for example.
The website is overly busy with superfluous features; many of the same buttons found on the same page in different places which do exactly the same thing. That just vexed my mind.
Also, it looks like it is made for the six to eight year old market.
Another issue, far fewer players, at least when I have played there, waiting times were long.
Lag was another issue I noticed.

On a side note, I heard Jan Gustaffson on the 72 hour banter blitz say that chess24 do not have lag sync, so playing bullet games is very difficult. Why on earth would anyone pay a subscription when they don't offer lag sync.

should stop manipulating live chess and tactics rating.that's not acceptable