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  3. Isn't simply better than Lichess ?

To be fair has some great bloggers that i love reading from time to time. I can't play play on it (lag + bad design) but it's a good site, no need to hate.

It looks like a troll thread. I don't understand why you guys keep replying to it.

We gotto show the troll the song of our people.

The best way to deal with trolls is simply ignoring them. Not wasting any time by taking any action or reaction to them. @lovlas Do you agree that this is a troll thread?

Maybe he is just curious to why people prefer to play on

What??? A troll thread?? If people are enjoying it then people are enjoying it. Use your mouse. It will click where you want it to click and avoid the others.

#25 Freedom of speech doesn't give you a right to insult others. Don't use offensive language, don't shame anyone publicly, keep it civil and there will not be any reason to delete anyone's posts. It's that simple.

#11 agreed
and is the second laggiest site second to c24 and the mods,crew,staff are total jerks!!

I only use for bughouse, 5 tactics a day and puzzle rush. The fact that you have to pay for a better experience in the holy game is simply disgusting. Lichess is the only legit, good quality website. Thanks @thibault

@aguvendi I read this as "The fact you have to pay for something good that needed a lot of effort to create is simply disgusting. The only legit way is when someone else pays instead of you."

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