Is a 4-man endgame tablebase more complicated than the whole game of checkers?

Just curious about that.

I think 4-man endgame tablebase is slightly more complicated(from my experience as a lichess bot-owner).

Probably not, since chess for 4 pieces is strongly solved, but game of checkers is only weakly solved.

As the chess endgame has more possible moves than the average checker position, I would guess that chess is harder to solve. But the tablebase itself is similarly simple.

4 piece tablebas is way simpe than checkes. I coudl not find size for four men but such were in use already in seventies so must be small. 5 man table base can put in mere 7 gigs and actually even smaller

In solving the chess not full database was uses (weak solution show that it is draw) 10 piece database uses 125GB just for 5 against five situation. rest of solving was done by tree search.

4-man TB was available on floppy disc, just sayin‘.

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