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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Importance or less of physical condition and preparation in chess

i wanna know if someone thinks physical condition is decisive for a win in a chess game.I mean,many grandmasters do not seem much in form physically speaking,but they play great chess. My coach says instead that physical condition must be always optimal and like example he does Bobby Fischer. Now my question is: can a chess player be great even in a normal physical condition or it must be perfect?Thanks.

Not really.

P.E. helps self-esteem and that is necessary element for any competitive game or sport.
R. J. Fischer had some satisfaction in crushing others' self-esteem but it was direct effect of his very high quality moves.

All top players do something to keep physically fit. Playing long games every day in a tournament is physically demanding. Fischer did swimming and tennis. Carlsen played soccer. Geller basketball. Spassky tennis. Aronian has his own physical coach.

The effect is completely overrated at amateur level. In fact there's hardly any effect at all.

Of course being healthy is a plus overall (life expectancy and so on)

I beg to disagree. From own experience I played my best tournaments after weeks of physical exercise. The effect is certainly much more important than e.g. that of opening preparation.
There has been some university research with chess players and athletes hooked up on physical monitors of heart, sweat, blood pressure etc. It turned out that a long chess game is physically comparable to a 10 round box match.

"Sound body...sound Mind" Being in good physical condition will help you, in all that you do... The endorphins released from exercise are great brain cleansers. I think it soothes the brain and allows for clear thinking. :]

It helps you focus

"It turned out that a long chess game is physically comparable to a 10 round box match."

Citation needed.

I mean, comparable like 1 is comparable to 10? Sure.

Is not that study mentioned in one of Kotov's books? I recall reading something like that in either Think Like a Grandmaster or Play Like a Grandmaster.

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