How to progress at 1750?

Hi. I've been on this site for about a half year and within this time i have progresed rapidly from 1450 to 1750 however, i have been stuck on 1750 for a couple months now and i have not seen much improvement.
Does anyone have any suggestions for improvement?

I think you have to start with an honest assessment of your game. At 1750 you're a solid player, so it's time to look at your games and look at your weaknesses (and strengths). Do you manage time badly? Do you lose in the ending? Are you crushing people in openings or getting crushed? Do you have good strategic understanding of the board? How often do you just hang a piece?

Once you've conducted an audit of yourself you can then work on the places that you'll get the most gain from. Just my $0.02. For example, if it's endings, then your future consist of some bookwork and study of the basics of ending technique... if it's hanging pieces, I'd recommend slower time controls, etc.


Back in the day of books and stuff a Grandmaster named Lev Alburt stated that to be 1800 (aka 1900-2000 here) you need to know 300 positions, but you must know them by heart and be able to solve them instantly. So you may have to solve those same 300 puzzles such as in his puzzle book many times over. A thousand puzzles for 2000 ranking. As proven by that guy who wrote 7 circles (where you solve a thousand puzzles from CT art tactics app, and then do them all again, and again 7 times over). He then went to a tourney and got 2050? Or something like that, while before this training he was 1600 or something. Woodpecker method that produced several Grandmasters likewise uses the same approach.

It’s what it is. People will tell you to play slow games and go to tourneys, but you will still blunder you rook at that tourney same as you blunder it on here. In addition to tactics you may want to make sure you read a general chess book, and analyze your games, play various time controls, and watch videos of opening repertoire.

Cliffs: solve tactics.

I looked at some of your losses.

Missing some tactics, so working on that would help.

Also, it looked to me like you need to pay more attention to king safety. Opponents were breaking open your king position without you putting up enough of a defense.

Purchase a chess masterclass. I know it seems like a waste of money, but many chess masterclasses (chessbase has the best selection in my opinion) will drastically improve your chess (if you are genuinely interested in the subject of the videos and if you are at the level they are recommended for).

This is a very good masterclass for club-level players:

1. Eradicated blunders from your game. Activate move confirmation in your profile. Think about your moven play it, check it is no blunder, confirm it.
2. Play slower. In a 15+15 time control you should use all your time by move 30 and then finish the game on increment.
3. Tactics: tactics of your own, tactics of you ropponent.
You were doing OK, but the whole diversion 9 Be5, 12 Nb3, 14 Nc5, 15 Na6 is wrong. Play the center, not the wings. 9 Ne5 12 Re114 Bf4 15 Nd3 were more indicated.
17 Qa4 loses a vital pawn and leaves your king in peril. 17 Kg2 was needed.
18 Qxc6 is reckless 18 Kh2 was needed
19 Qxb7 runs into direct checkmate
At the very end of this 15+15 time control game you have 13 useless minutes left on your clock. You had better invested these minutes to find the right plan and/otr to find more accurate moves.