How to not play tilted in OTB? Advice needed

In round-robin tournaments with fixed rounds and participants: agreed, it might hurt. The point has gone.

But playing Swiss system there will be a totally different outcome, you will get different opponents, it might turn out well although or because. One cannot tell.

Generally speaking: chess is so complex that we are all making mistakes all the time. Always think: Welcome to the jungle!

Master ChessAndGirls...Think each game as individual...I too agree loss impact our thinking process...It will be more in chess games...Fear of loss will increase our problems...Get rid of fear of making blunders...You should make blunder and try to learn...People teach you chess...But attitude of game will be learned from practical games...My suggestion is take a hard sleep between games, play more when negative situation arises...No more of depth thinking of loss..It's part and parcel of game...No one learned chess with out loss...Forget that...Play more


LOL No, I didn't make that.
That's from a movie that I watched long ago called "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

Have a mindset where you choose to have fun, rather than salt your wounds.
I was playing an anonymous game where I dropped a backrank up a queen and rook. Well done to him! xD

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