How to detect cheating?

@CM Sargon : who taught Irwin to recognize a cheater ? Which "cheater database" was initially used ?

@Sarg0n Yes, this is a tool out there. I am not talking about equipping tools for lichess...but tips for players to understand when they got cheated...and to try and find out with a bit of accuracy

Cheating is an art, I bet you are one of those philistines that doesn't consider vandalism or graffiti to be an art. Although I myself have not cheated, I know quite a few people who cheat in chess online in real life, and I respect them and the beautiful ways they have cheated.

@gp469 This thread is unfortunately not a fan list for such artists, but bring their talent and identity into the open.

Curious - So you know people who cheat in chess online and you protect their identity by not reporting them? Shame on you and them!

for me there is absolutely no beauty in cheating or being criminal in any way.
Of course this is mainly based on a moral point of view. But at least you could always argue that criminal behaviour is harmful for the majority and useful only for a minority of people.

Every criminal is reliant to the fact that most people are honest. But honest people are not reliant on criminal people.
You understand what I try to tell you?

By the way: I was hunting cheaters at times and I argued with them allot. I dont want to blame you as a cheater but they usually talk exactly like you do.

I want to improve my rating as much as anyone, but my genuine focus is on improving. If people are cheating - that means they are giving me a tougher challenge to overcome. It's like someone secretly adding weight to a weightlifter's bar. They may struggle with some of their lifts, but when they attempt to lift the actual weight, it will be relatively easier. So their score may suffer at times, but over time, I think they will succeed.

That doesn't mean, we "shouldn't worry about cheaters". It will always be an issue. It seems a lot like the issue of security. Red team, blue team. Those who are attacking the system and those defending it. If you want to be good at one, you have to understand both - so they necessarily entail one another. Gradually (and I suppose ideally), the system becomes more secure.

What I mean to say is, those who play may not be best served by viewing cheating as something that invalidates the game - but rather as something that (paradoxically) has the potential to improve the game and make us better players over time.

That said, I think cheaters are weak-minded, have no honor and we should do everything possible to root them out and improve the game for everyone.

once i lost like 6 times to a girl in 2+1 section (a girl profile picture) on and i lost like 50 points because of it.. i was frustrated and the next day when i visited the site i had gotten a message that i was playing against some unfair player and in order to compensate for the potential rating points they added about 50+ rating to my bullet rating.
i was even more frustrated.

Even if I were to report them, their accounts wouldn't have enough evidence to be taken down. If their accounts have enough evidence to be taken down, it's probably happened anyways.

Fun fact: My cheating friends have reported and taken down more cheating accounts then they own themselves.