Do you chat with your opponent ?

I like to chat with people who plays with only a king against my whole army, while they are worst on time also. Then I send them some ha,ha,ha, and hi,hi,hi staff. Also I like to offer medical help to mentally disturbed players, bad losers, time wasters, cheating accusers, speed runners, etc. For very aggressive maniacs I often use specialities like:
F.. off
S..k my d..k
Bstrd etc.

Of course there a lot of nice guys on lichess and with them I often have nice chat about chess, girls, politics, their countries, life.

I usually use the chat when I have played a series of games with someone, and now I want to move on , GGs is pretty much what I write.

Since I'm new to Lichess I would only chat on correspondence games on the other chess site (I'm sure it is probably a sin to name them) as with timed games I'm there to play not chat; however I have had no problems adding people as friend then chatting after a game.

I play in Zen mode. So, I don't see the chat box.

Just switch off the chat in your profile.

Its sometimes very nice to talk a bit after the game, of course usually about the game and not about your familiy-situation. Questions about your country, city, age, sex etc. are strange during (and after!) the game. I never reply with detailed informations and always make clear that we should better both focus on the game. Most people accept this without problems.

But yes: its kind of strange. But in some cultures its more normal to ask those questions and in other cultures its rude to do this towards strangers. Keep that in mind...


Yeah you are such a gentle player

You should say more of those 'specialities' to your opponents haha

And then you will earn the title " Embarrassing Players" #1


Wait a sec

Why you talk about gals?