Do you chat with your opponent ?

Hi. Sometimes, my opponents start chatting during the game. (Hi, where are you from, what's your job, your name,...). It's nice to talk to strangers, but personnaly, I just want to play and concentrate, and it's quite rude not to answer.
Last time, a guy from syria started to ask questions about my country on a 7+0 game. Moreover, he played silly moves because "he couldn't write and concentrate at the same time".

What to do with those guys ?

Same question for thoses turkish players who don't seem to understand that turkish is not my language and keep talking during the whole game.

Why exactly is it rude to ignore your opponent? You are there to play a game, not to socialize. Other than a greeting and well wishes, I try not to communicate during a game because it is distracting and many opponents use it as such.

sometimes in casual games when my opponent makes a blunder, I tell them in the chat that the move is not good and offer them a takeback.

chatting in 7 + 0 is kind of a bad idea. maybe you could offer to play a game with longer time controls if he want to chat?

yeah @mate_on_f7 many people wont like you doing that.
If you want to chat, chat. If you don't, just turn the chat off. Simple as that, it isn't rude not to answer..

I love to chat with my opponents, but only if they're in bad positions or if they just outright play like overaggressive idiots (like you see on lichess below 1500)

My chats usually go something like this:

My opponent: f u stupid American! You’re probably a Trump supporter dumb, you have no skills, only tricks and traps and trying to flag people, blocked f u !!! Coward!

Me: ... gg yo

Occasionally I'll message the opponent and tell them I like how they're playing or I like the move they just played, stuff like that lol

"Good Move" "Didn't expect that" or "You want a takeback?" are often things i say. But otherwise, i stay quiet. If my opponent initiates in conversation, i sometimes chat with them, but not always. It depends really.

If i know the guy, then even more so.

I only chat w/ my opponent in longer time controls or on casual games, otherwise its jut things like "Good game" Nice move" and other things like that.