Do you chat with your opponent ?

Well i also like to chat

Not much

Things like: oops,i made a blunder,accept the draw man et cetera,et cetera, et cetera

I play correspondence games mostly, so I'd have time to chat as well :) I chat with a real life friend a lot as we play for fun and just keep in touch, because we live far from each other.

apart from that:

Those players I'd chat with pleasure are rarely chatting a lot. We might have a short chat if there is something interesting in the game, but they rather just play the game. I'm too fine with it.

Though most of the chats occurs when opponents picking my games, but they don't even know chess variants are exist. And I don't like those chats:

- Player1: WTF just happened?
- Player1: why do I see a pawn on h6?
- Player1: can you request a traceback ?
+ AroHar: What request and what for?
+ AroHar: Everything's according to the rules.
- Player1: dude, you got 9 pawns on the board
- Player1: how is that as per rules ? :p
- Player1: i will give you a day to think about this!
- Player1: there's a bug in lichess!
+ AroHar: Nope, you haven't checked what game you are playing, that's the only problem.
+ AroHar: It's pretty annoying though, that ppl picking my game, but they don't even know what they're playing
+ AroHar:
- Player1: whoaaaaa. insane !
- Player1: my bad
+ AroHar: Np. At least you haven't called me cheater like some others did. ;-)
- Player1: too much to calculate. have fun though!

Hey, i have problem, when i join tournament it redirects to home page, and wont find mi a normal game..

Turn on "child mode" while playing games (you has to turn it off later to enter a forum).

not really........ i should turn off chat mode... i guess you can do that manually, in each game... is zen mode a setting to start all games in no chat? and i play correspondence.......... chat just seems like people get too offensive... at least on other sites...

Is it rude to turn chat feature off?like others have said i just want to play chess.But i will admit that it is cool to interact with folks from all over the world,providing we can look past chess and peoples nature to be undisciplined...

Anonymous chat was the best feature on lichess ever!!! I miss it very much. Oh..... good old times, when it was possible to write all kinds of ugly staff to your enemy!

virtually no one says anything to me ----- years ago, on other sites, people might troll you if they were losing. i think it's fine to turn off chat... it's nice if that is clearly labeled, so both parties can see.......