Cheating issues

@Tommyrot Thank you. My intention was only to find out which game it was, what I'll do is probably just review it fast and close. When I lose a bad game it influences my feeling about an opening, etc. at least for temporarily. If I get crushed in a particular variation or in a particular way, I "remember" it, it gets into your intuition somehow. Well, something like that...

I see that you're a good player, we can play sometime. Cheers

edit: I got a notification just before writing that message, and last week I've got a couple more, but I on't remember exactly when.

of course confirmation of identity is possible also on free websites (one exemple: model-kartei)
AND I and not only me would pay for a chess website without the backdraws of free internet.
look at my post in off-topics: free internet is a nuisance and helps criminals

Since the comment I was replying to seems to be removed, I'll reply to another.

@ProfDrHack It's also one of the easiest to bust them in. Sure, there's software that can allow you to cheat at any time control, but when it's bullet, all of the idiosyncrasies of the common cheater come out. Strange move timings, very deep moves that would take even strong player minutes to work out the nuances of, etc... I think they just don't want to try it anymore.

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