Stockfish 13 NNUE on Lichess

can i get any help?? i cant do any analysis here am forced to export games to external engines to analyze so frustrating wish there is a way to just revert back to sf12 that was working perfectly anyway

Hello how can i use "stockfish 13" in the my lichess acount and in my phone browser
Now in my lichess when i request compiuter analysis , analys is with stockfish10☹

Thank you so much lichess! Because it is a neural network does that mean that if we use it for analysis it will improve itself?
Or is it just that if we play against it it will improve?

@check-sandwich_1-2-3 I think neither of it. AFAIK neural network chess engines are pre-trained and will not change while you use them. They will imporove with their update cycles and you can exchange the weighted neural network. It's not really self learning while you use it.

Ok thank you. I was just curious, Thank you for adding stockfish 13 lichess, I'm will use it so much with the analysis board and to play against!

Each time I try to analyze a game, Lichess tries to download a 20mg NNUE file. It is really annoying because my internet connection is not so fast. I think there is some caching issues for large files... If so, could you try to chunk it and for example cache 10 chunks of 2mg files?

It's cool you use a good engine but the Android app is really bad to analyze matches, could you add something more user friendly to help learn, like chess.con does?