Stockfish 13 NNUE on Lichess

Each time I reboot my chrome the engine is downloaded again. Isn't it supposed to cache it or something?

@oneseefour Check out chrome://settings/cookies. Maybe your Chrome is configured to clear website data when shutting down.

Noticed that SF13 gives three percentages instead of the usual evaluation. Would "45% 5% 82%" translate into: White has a 45% chance of winning, Black a 5% chance of winning and it's most likely a draw?
And is it always the same order, irrespective of who's turn it is?

Thank you Lichess, i know that having to settle for stockfish 12 was the one thing holding me back in my quest for the Grandmaster title!

What does it mean regarding use with Firefox (not guaranteeing stability)? What are some of the most frequent occurrences that could be bad? Does this make the system unsafe to attackers or just might crash Firefox at worst case?