recent progress in rapid

Hello, here is my game from today. I welcome your feedback, recently making strides in my play. The past seven days my rapid results have been +9 -3 =2. My progress has been bolstered by focusing some energy on classical, and now that is spreading to my rapid games.

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Hey @morphyms1817 !

Next time just try pasting the link, and it'll appear much easier to scroll through!
Viewing it real fast, your opponent actually did a superb job fixing your pawns on light squares after you trade off dark squared bishops, and trading into a great knight vs bad bishop ending. He however missed an opportunity for Rc3 with a hugely dominating game.
Try to pay more attention to your bad bishop and pawn structure!

hope this helps!

3 e4 was no good: all your pawns on light squares and he trades off your dark square bishop. Better moves: 3 g3 to develop the light square bishop to g2, 3 a3 to prevent ...Bb4, 3 Nc3, 3 Nf3 develop a knight is nearly always right.
Why do not you take the free central pawn 8 Nxe5
12 b3 puts another pawn on the light squares. You had the powerful break 12 c5 dxc5 13 Qg5 with double attack on g7 and e5
Why 15 Nb5? You could win pawn b4 with 15 Nc2
17 h3 is loss of time and places another pawn on a light square. The c-file is open and you can be the first to put a rook on it 17 Rc1
18 g4 another pawn on a light square and another missed opportunity for 18 Rc1
19 Kg2 again 19 Rc1
26 Rd1 puts the rook in a passive position, better 26 Kf3 to stop the passed pawn d4 with your king and counterattack his pawns with your active rook

good idea to start by focusing on big picture strategy and simple tactics (hanging pawns and pieces). Once you understand that (conceptually) you can dive into individual moves like tpr listed :)

hope this helps!

I think you got a bit lucky with 10...a5 which gives you the B5 square; Black should have kept this back and retained a6 for when necessary.

13...Qb4 also seems dubious since Black can't connect the recapturing pawn, which goes to B4, onto a pawn chain.

16...B6 wastes Black's time when he should just castle.

I agree with tpr that you muck around on the kingside when you should simply put the rook on C4, especially g4 seems to just erode your king safety (at least 17. h3 prevented ...Ng5, although the bishop is currently guarding that square.) After Black locks the position with g5 it also reduces the effectiveness of your bishop.

20. Rh1 > 21. Rbc1 > 22. Rxc1 wastes a tempo, but perhaps there was no avoiding this even if you'd played Rc1 first.

16...d3 seems premature since your king is so close. I'm not sure Black has a "plan" as such but he could definitely just "play by numbers": activate his king, make some pawn exchanges, etc. and try to hold a draw.