How to uploading games to a forum post?

I have searched in FAQ and other posts but not found the method how to do it.

Me too. I'm curious to see if anyone will answer.

Hey everyone,

me too. I hope to get very fast an answer.
It will be very helpful for all of the people.

Cheers Simli

Nope that didn't work. So no analysed games!

You can post a study game in the forum, that has stockfish analysis. Open the on "share & export". Highlight the "Current Chapter URL"...right click on it and select copy. You also have an option to send a particular position from your game that you can set. If you have your forum post will appear in your post.
There is another way to post a game...In firefox you can left click and drag the game, from your history, right into your forum post. I used to do it that way, but I can't use Firefox on my brand new computer. :]

#2 You were curious if anyone would answer your posts...I felt your pain on the matter, and took the effort to try and help. I would have appreciated a reply. I do hope I gave you a correct solution to your problem :]