How to uploading games to a forum post?

I was interested in uploading a game/pgn which I have comment myself. And not a Lichess study.

It seems there are now such function on Lichess forums?? or I'm wrong?

Post #9 says something about posting from Firefox, but I don't understand if this is a solution.

It worked!
Thanks Skittle-Head you were very helpful(very rare for these forums)!

Your welcome Roper300 :] …#11 I believe you can use the same "share & export" feature, when you just have a game opened up for analysis, as described in post #9 You can also click and drag a game from your Firefox history directly into the forum if you prefer. :]

I don't use Firefox and in chrome it isn't possible(or I don't know how to do it).

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!