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This team is for the Team Leaders.

In order to join this team, please write the team(s) where you are the team leader - else there would be a low probability of acception.

The current goals of this team are:

  1. sharing the links to the Team Battles via "pm-to-all" (private team messages), team forum and team chat - in order to get larger and more active Team Battles
  2. discussing possible Team Battles in the team forum and chat
  3. taking part in the Team Battles
  4. join to more team battles as Team Leaders to make them visible for the team members in both & in tournaments tab in the team

Our titled players:

LM Lance5500 - coach, students reviews, 11x marathons champion, simul hoster, streamer
FM Nrufide
NM oberschlumpf


7th Mega Team Battle3+0 • Three-check • Rated • 10h180 teams battle
5th Mega Team Battle2+2 • Atomic • Rated • 8h137 teams battle
4th Mega Team Battle1+2 • Bullet • Rated • 5h 30m200 teams battle
2nd Mega Team Battle3+3 • Blitz • Rated • 4h77 teams battle
Learn From Battle Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 5h 30m27 teams battle


Who is your favorite lichess player?ThePracticeGuy •

Here I am NOT talking about the strongest lichess player (which would be @Zhigalko_Sergei ofc.), I am talking about your FAVORITE lichess player. Mine is @Lance5500 and @german11 Reason: Lance5

Saturday Classical Arena Team Battle (30+5)Toni_Libralon •

Dear team leaders, Your team is invited to participate in the 2nd Saturday Classical Arena Team Battle, which will take place on Saturday February 25th from 5 PM, duration 7h, time control 30+5. In

ctcl 4Kurt_rohrer56 •

Dear classical chess friends, Registration for Season 4 of the CTCL (Classical Team Champions League) is open! We are trying to go back from arena to the original format, which you all certainly kno

Rapid Team Battle (lower rated)AndrzejXD •

Hello! Greetings from the "Forma Mutant" team :) Do you know or would like to play any rapid team battle, preferrably for lower rated players (like 1600-1700 or below)? If so, please send me: 1

Hello guys i have a tournamentDrGrunkestein •

Hello guys i created crazy house team battle so if you wana ti add your team contact me

Team BattlesJoshi_2011 •

@FizzPopsChessQueen said in #1: > Hi, my team Pawns to Players is looking for teams to battle with! Would anyone like to battle with us? Hi! Once my team gets a little bit more players, we will de

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