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94 members

Antichess WC TEAM

Join this team if you want to take part in the Antichess World Cup!
The winner will have a fantastic trophy in his profile :)
Have a look at the forum for more info.
Location: Antiworld

Forum (391)

  1. pairings! ILoveYouTurkey1 3rd place

  2. pairings! TheBigAlt

    @ the-lone-wolf Already done, waiting for his replay.

  3. pairings! the-lone-wolf

    @TheBigAlt you should message him now, asking for a time which is fine for both. If he does not replay by the end of the week, then you automatically win.

  4. pairings! TheBigAlt

    I'd like to play maybe even today, but that guy haven't been online for a long time. Should I message him when I see him online or how it works?

  5. pairings! ILoveYouTurkey1

    Falcon wins

  6. pairings! FalconPower

    First round matchup between FalconPower and TheUnknownGuyReborn: 5.5-4.5 Winner: FalconPower

  7. pairings! ILoveYouTurkey1

    Let’s go ogul1;)

  8. pairings! ILoveYouTurkey1


  9. pairings! the-lone-wolf

    yeah sorry getnoff that's tireness effect :) however I added the brackets on

  10. pairings! getnoff

    One thing, both usernames getnoff and kotov_Syndrome are bad written, fix them please.

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