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Next event :
Our 2024 Spring Quads Tournament begins Thursday April 4th and the event runs through to sometime around the end of May. If you are interested in playing, please register by messaging
@datasmith before midnight UTC (8pm) on March 31st. One classical (60+30) game a week, on Thursday evenings or at a time mutually agreed with your opponent. All the details here:

The rules currently governing our events can be found here: and more detail on the mechanics of participating here:

Prochain événement :
Tournoi 'Quads' printemps 2024 commençant jeudi le 4 avril. Six à neuf rondes; une partie 60+30 par semaine. Inscrivez-vous avant minuit (UTC) le 31 mars en envoyant un message à @datasmith. Tous les détails ici:

Voir ici les règlements de nos événements ici: et plus de détails sur la mécanique de participation ici:

Pretentious Club Mission Statement
We try to duplicate a club atmosphere and encourage chat, informal games and matches among members. We organize tournaments at classical and other time controls, simuls, analyses, thematic tournaments, endgame tournaments, etc. We also try to add a bit of the social ambience of a community chess club to online play and we would be very happy to have you join us.

We meet on Thursday evenings from September to June at 7pm Eastern Time (UTC-5 or UTC-4 in the summer). Join us in the club room : To receive all our tournament and event announcements join the team at: We also have a team Discord server for those of you who want to chat there:

Mission Statement - version française et tout aussi prétentieux
Nous essayons de cultiver l'ambiance d'un club d'échecs traditionnel en encourageant des matchs et des échanges amicaux entre nos membres. Nous organisons des événements selon la demande et l'intérêt des membres et sommes ouverts à toute suggestion: simultanée, session d'analyse, tournoi thématique, etc.

Nous sommes présents 'dans le club' tous les jeudis à partir de 19h HNE (UTC-5 ou UTC-4 durant la période estivale): Devenez membre du club afin de vous assurer de recevoir toutes les nouvelles de nos événements: Le canal Discord du club se trouve à


CTCL 5 Round 2 Team Battle60+30 • Classical • Rated • 10hBattle of 26 teams
CTCL 5 Round 1 Team Battle60+30 • Classical • Rated • 10hBattle of 23 teams
HemmingfordCC - Winter 202160+30 • Classical • Rated4 rounds Swiss


Classical Thursday Tournament - April 2022datasmith •

5 Round 60+30 Tournament Starting Thursday April 21st, 7pm EDT (23h UTC) Prizes! No Entry Fee and a FIDE Master Training Video Based on Games! The third HCC Classical Thursday tournament of the year b…

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Classical Thursday Tournament - March 2022datasmith •

The second Classical Thursday tournament of 2022 begins Thursday, March 3rd at 7pm EST (midnight UTC) and runs for five consecutive Thursdays until March 31st. Games are played at a a time control of …

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Thanks to your participation, the January 2022 edition of our Classical Thursday tournaments was a real success. Sixteen people from three different countries played and there were only a handful of b…

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Sooner or later we all do it playing chess online: You are just about to complete an exchange of queens that is going to take you into a won endgame, you pick up the bishop to re-capture the queen on …

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