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How to make colored arrows and circles?

Asked by Anastasia2005
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I want to create a study. I saw some studios mugs and colored arrows. How to do it?
4 Answers
Answered by xiaodaxia2009
Go here for more info:

When you're in a chess board:

- Clicking on a grid while holding shift or right mouse button will create a circle marker.
- Dragging from a grid to another while holding shift or right mouse button will create an arrow to the point you landed.

There are multiple drawing colors. They can be used like below:
* Green is the default drawing color from using shift or right clicking to draw.
* Red comes from holding shift while using right click to draw.
* Blue comes from drawing with the left mouse button with shift and alt held.
* Gold comes from drawing with the right mouse button with shift and alt held.

Circles of different colors may exist in the same grid. Drawing a line that duplicates an existing one in terms of both starting point and ending point (or reverse) will delete it.
MikaAlka commented :
Thanks really, but you can also use right click instead of left click for blue arrows and circles.
chessindividual commented :
If I'm in Mac with no mouse, how?
carlhq commented :
Hi chessindividual - I have a Macbook with trackpad - different parts of the track pad act as left and right mouse clicks - check your settings to make sure it is set up correctly. There are lots of Youtube vids to help. I can use all the colours - my only problem is all the arrows and circles disapear occasionally for no apparent reason even if I save the chapter of the study I am in
Answered by Anastasia2005
I know how to do the usual green arrows and circles, but do not know how to make other colors.
Answered by Anastasia2005
Thanks for the reply, now I understand everything.
Answered by SSBBguys
You can right click to make a circle and right click and drag to make arrows.

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