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lichess is the product of volunteer work. Together, we're building the best chess website ever!

They offer servers. Thank you!

Thanks to them, computer analyses are fast and precise:

They offer work. Thank you!

Big thanks go to all translators, for their amazing efforts.

Special thanks go to:

Clarkey for:

Happy0 for:

  • the Antichess variant
  • the Atomic variant

Hellball for:

  • contributing to the wiki and translations
  • writing the translation contexts
  • moderation work, communication, testing, and much more

veloce and freefal for:

revoof for:

lukhas and Bearstech for:

  • the invaluable sysadmin expertise
  • the monitoring lichess sorely needed

Big kudos to:

Thanks to all players for feeding the database :)

I have forgotten too many people. If you belong to this page, let me know!