Puzzle Racer

Checkered flag

Compete with other players to solve puzzles as fast as possible.

Game rules

Each correct move earns one point. The goal is to get as many points as you can within 90 seconds. The player with the most points wins the race.

You always play the same colour during a race. All players get the same puzzles.

Game modes

Public race

Immediately jump into a race with random players from all around the globe. The easiest and fastest way to get racing!

Race your friends

Create a private race, and send a link to your friends so they can join it. The race countdown will start as soon as the creator of the race clicks to start it. If a player misses a race, they can always join the next one. Click rematch to start a new race with the same players, without having to send a new link. The rematch button takes players to the latest race of the rematch chain.

Combo bar

Each correct move fills the combo bar. When the bar is full, you get a points bonus, and you increase the value of the next bonus.

Bonus values:

  • 5 moves: +1 point
  • 12 moves: +2 points
  • 20 moves: +3 points
  • 30 moves: +4 points
    Then +4 points every 10 other moves.

When you play a wrong move, the combo bar is depleted.


You can skip one move per race. Use it strategically, near the end of the race when puzzles get harder, and to preserve your combo bar.


They come from the Lichess puzzle database, and become more difficult as you progress through the run. Puzzle Racer uses Puzzle Storm puzzles, and skips one out of two, to increase in difficulty twice as fast.

Frequently asked questions

Is it like

Yes, exactly. The idea translated perfectly to solving chess puzzles. Puzzle Racer is a mix of Puzzle Storm and

Is it free to play it?

Yes. And we mean it. It's free for everyone forever, and it's unlimited. And there are no ads - as usual.

Is there a leaderboard?

No. At least not at the moment. Where there is a leaderboard, there is cheating. We don't think moderating this is a good use of our resources currently.

Does it change my puzzle rating?

No. Puzzle Racer is unrated.

Will people memorize the puzzles?

We have more than a million puzzles, so it should be very rare to see a puzzle more than once. The puzzle set is renewed every 6 seconds.

Are there bots?

No. But since people can play without creating an account, there are anonymous players. These get a random name for the race.