Puzzle Storm

screenshot of the storm page
Solve as many puzzles as possible in 3 minutes.

Game rules

Each puzzle grants one point. The goal is to get as many points as you can before the time runs out.

You always play the same colour during a storm run.

Combo bar

Each correct move fills the combo bar. When the bar is full, you get a time bonus, and you increase the value of the next bonus.

Bonus values:

  • 5 moves: +3s
  • 12 moves: +5s
  • 20 moves: +7s
  • 30 moves: +10sThen +10s every 10 other moves.

When you play a wrong move, the combo bar is depleted, and you lose 10 seconds.


They come from the Lichess puzzle database, and become more difficult as you progress through the run.

Frequently asked questions

Is it free to play it?

Yes . And we mean it. It's free for everyone forever, and it's unlimited. And there are no ads - as usual.

Is there a leaderboard?

No. At least not at the moment. Where there is a leaderboard, there is cheating. We don't think moderating this is a good use of our resources currently.

However you can see your best scores for each day, and the best score of each player is displayed on their profile page.

Does it change my puzzle rating?

No. Puzzle Storm is unrated. And when you review a puzzle from a storm session, it also is unrated.

Will people memorize the puzzles?

We have more than a million puzzles, so it should be very rare to see a puzzle more than once. The Puzzle Storm set is renewed every 6 seconds.

Will there be more puzzle modes?

Maybe. We'll first see how this one goes, and listen to the feedback.

[edit] We added Puzzle Racer!