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Play and create tournamentsUnlimitedUnlimited
Play and create simultaneous exhibitionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Correspondence chess with conditional premovesUnlimitedUnlimited
Standard chess and 8 chess variants (Crazyhouse, Chess960, Horde, ...)YesYes
Deep Stockfish 16.1 server analysis40 per day40 per day
Instant local Stockfish 14+ analysis (depth 99)UnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud engine analysisUnlimitedUnlimited
Learn from your mistakesUnlimitedUnlimited
Studies (shared and persistent analysis)UnlimitedUnlimited
Chess insights (detailed analysis of your play)UnlimitedUnlimited
All chess basics lessonsYesYes
Tactical puzzles from user gamesUnlimitedUnlimited
Puzzle Streak, Puzzle Storm, Puzzle RacerUnlimitedUnlimited
Global opening explorer (430 million games!)YesYes
Personal opening explorer (also works on other players)YesYes
7-piece endgame tablebaseUnlimitedUnlimited
Download/Upload any game as PGNYesYes
Advanced search through Lichess 4 billion gamesUnlimitedUnlimited
Chess video libraryUnlimitedUnlimited
Forum, teams, messaging, friends, challengesYesYes
Available in 80+ languagesYesYes
Light/dark theme, custom boards, pieces and backgroundYesYes
All features to come, foreverYesYes


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Zero ads, no trackingYesYes
Online and offline games, with 8 variantsUnlimitedUnlimited
Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Classical and Correspondence chessUnlimitedUnlimited
Arena tournamentsUnlimitedUnlimited
Board editor and analysis board with Stockfish 14+YesYes
Tactics puzzlesUnlimitedUnlimited
Available in 80+ languagesYesYes
Light and dark theme, custom boards and piecesYesYes
iPhone & Android phones and tablets, landscape supportYesYes
All features to come, foreverYesYes

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