1+0 CWC

When will penguin and king switcher, continue their match?

hello i see the challenge got a pairing but now its a diffrent stage the candidates so i believe you can just schedule the match with the candidates if one wanna make a deal for games in the candidates let me know

Hi Everyone!

I have spoken recently with littleplotkin regarding the funding of prize money, the detail of which I am sharing here. As the organiser, he will make an official announcement regarding pairings and timing of the candidates matches.

Littleplotkin will be contributing 250 USD and I will be matching his contribution with 250 USD from last year's CWC donation pool to form a guaranteed prize pool of 500 USD for the two finalists. The split will be 300 USD for the champion and 200 USD for the runner up.

In addition to this, I have started a new CWC donation target on stream of 888 USD. While this is not yet guaranteed, if this can be supported by the community and the goal can be reached, this will provide 111 USD to each of the candidates upon completion of all 210 of their games (7 matches * 30 games).

Thank you to all competitors and viewers for their support of this event so far.


@JannLee Wow awesome of you guys! Also will match times still be posted on this forum?

It will be preferable for players to post matches times in this forum in advance of playing so that we can increase opportunities for our community to cover games with live streams.

To encourage live streaming and also other content, I will also be allocating 100 USD from last year's CWC donation fund towards some prizes to be awarded for content related to the 1-min CWC 2019. Exactly how we distribute this is still to be determined.

Hello all!

Firstly, thanks to JannLee for helping us fund this tournament. He's going to be putting some money from other funds as well as get donations for this tournament. I will also put up some of my own money!

For scheduling: I want the candidates to be completed by 7 weeks. That's 1 match per week on average. Each match should take an hour. This time, you MUST play all 30 games.

If you don't finish all your games by the end of the 7 weeks you won't get your prize!
Remember, that it's all about individual points rather than team points. 210 Points is the maximum amount of points that one can win. I'll format the candidates standings on a google sheet and share it with all of you later.

For the first week, you can use the help of the challonge to find your opponent.

I would highly recommend playing more than 1 match per week in the beginning because people seem to get disinterested in the tournament if it takes too long. Let the matches begin!

These are the candidates: @blitzbullet @JannLee @chickencrossroad @VariantsOnly @mastertan @penguingim1 @littleplotkin and @opperwezen

Good luck! and hope to see some great crazyhouse :)

By the way, there will be a prize given to the people that commentates/blogs/vlogs about the tournament.

If you have any questions, please private message me here on lichess. Schedule your matches here, just like you've done before. I hope that you can give us at least 12 hours notice.

opperwezen vs JannLee scheduled for Saturday 1st June at 3pm in Amsterdam and 11pm in Sydney (1pm GMT)