1+0 CWC

Stoofbuzze-Johnstuckey will take place next Wednesday at 4:30 gmt, sorry for the delay. We didn't manage to find an earlier date due to busy schedules...

OK. Thanks all. Good luck to all in round 3!! Please finish these by Sunday. For the people that have not finished their round 2 games, they have 24 more hours. If no game is played, people will get forfeited.
Good luck to all. :)

Update: All round 2 games have been completed, and been put in the challonge. Congratulations to @VariantsOnly for beating xuanet and qualifying to the candidates portion. Please finish all your games at latest by Monday evening. The candidates portion will start on Tuesday morning. More on that later.

P.S. me vs garnek123 on Thrusday 18:00 GMT.