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Lichess Feedback - Bug in increment time of tournament.#2

Going berserk means that you don't get increment, in addition to the reduced initial time.

General Chess Discussion - Would you like to play this crazy starting position against me?#4

In this position the queens will in fact always be just like bishops.

General Chess Discussion - Does anyone know the name of this varian?#2

Grand Chess is played on a 10 by 10 board and has additional pieces that combine rook and knight (marshal) and also bishop and knight (cardinal), but not queen and knight (known as amazon, maharajah f…

Lichess Feedback - Why this is not a draw?#8

The final position is checkmate, but the method to reach that position is called a helpmate.

Lichess Feedback - The inscription does not disappear.#2

I have the same problem, it exists since the start of Lichess V2. Refreshing the page may help, but if you refresh soon after the analysis has been completed, the analysis itself also may disappear. I…

Lichess Feedback - Moves box in analyses#1

In games that have been analysed by Stockfish, the move box with alternative moves doesn't show up anymore in positions with more than one analysed move. Previously the alternative moves could easily…

General Chess Discussion - Forced mate#15

Very nice position. The previous Black move must have been Rd5-e5+.

General Chess Discussion - Forced mate#8

One move, but only six pieces: