How long do you think that Trump will stay in power?

I take it you mean a sort of wealthy elite . I'm below the poverty line in the UK but in the top 2% of the globe as far as income is concerned. One third of the world 's population live on two dollars a day.

The Mueller report is due at any moment.

That will be the beginning of the impeachment process, then criminal accusations...

Even though I desperately want Trump gone, I would bet money that the Mueller report will not lead to Trump getting removed from office. The left-leaning media loves screaming about every Trump associate who is found guilty and every rumor that, if true, would get Trump impeached. Realistically, it's sensationalism. I assume Trump did impeachable things but he seems to have covered his tracks (at least as far as Russia goes) reasonably well and I think we'll have to get rid of him the old-fashioned way by winning the 2020 election. And that's not going to be as easy as everyone seems to think. The democrats already lost the unloseable election in 2016. Trump has a better chance of getting reelected in 2020 than he did getting elected in the first place. So the democrats better get their shit together fast.

The Mueller Report will not cause Trump's removal from office. At best it can disgrace him. Impeachment requires 2/3 approval in the Senate, or 66-67 votes. Democrats have 46. That means 20-21 Republicans would have to vote against their party's presidential candidate in an election year. It would be surprising if even 10 did so. Murkowski, Collins and others might make it to 10, but this is posturing by the Democrats for 2020. The Democrats will have Mueller release the report close to the 2020 elections for maximum impact.

@Go15ing6 - Not the wealthy elite, but the private shareholders who control the Bank Of England & The Federal Reserve, they issue currency (at interest) to the US & UK Governments. (basically print promissory notes we accept as having 'value' which contain only the value we equate to them, Legal Tender)

If we lived in a true Democracy our Governments would print and issue the money without interest, this is why the US is over $16 Trillion in debt and the UK is almost £2 Trillion in debt (to The Federal Reserve & Bank Of England)

This 'Fiat money' not backed by anything (but our belief of intrinsic value) is the reason the main Central Banks control everything.
Democracy, Government is all an illusion for the true power, Fiat money using interest, (usury) backed by nothing to a few Central owned private banks owned by who knows.
Of course there is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the ECB (European Central Bank) which play a huge part in the fleecing of people.

I don't know much about banking or democracy but I do know money means freedom so we all strive to increase our wealth.
The result is a pyramid of wealth in each country a nd a world pyramid.
There are dangerous snags we can get caught up in greed and lose our new freedom as we climb the pyramid. It's like chess money can easily become an obsession.

I have to disagree, money does not equate to freedom, as human beings all we need is food, water & shelter.
We do not need 48" plasma TV's, £1000 iPhones, Credit-cards and a life of servitude!

"Money is the root of all evil" - Money does not set you free, the realization we are born, get indoctrinated for the first 16-21 years of our lives and then work 8 hours a day paying taxes until we are 70, proves we are slaves, the only difference between us and the slaves is we get to choose our job, whether that be bricklayer, carpenter, retail assistant on so on.

If we agree the media doesn't report all the news, how do we have all the information to make an educated opinion? I think you must ask yourself...

1. Are you mad at people with money?
2. Mad at people with power?
3. Wish you had more power and/or money?
4. Mad you have no control over the world?
5. Mad you will never have the complete story and feel used by the system, like a pawn?

If you are an American, really ask yourself what you don't like and then ask yourself if you are willing to try to change things.....of course you have an opinion to say what you want, but then ask yourself, 'is this really the best use of my time and energy?' Worrying about the Fed? LOL. Worrying about some other conspiracy? if you want to make it your life's passion, great. if not, then i don't really understand it....

I'm pretty selfish. Not one American president has affected me in a negative way. Actually, always to the positive. Higher home prices, stock market higher, more control in your work environment, etc... so then should i help the less fortunate? well, i'm still helping myself first.

answer the question: how long in power? really doesn't matter.

One wishes he was in power in Britain. Our government is a complete bag of nails.

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