How long do you think that Trump will stay in power?

Trump is a puppet, spreading bile on Twitter to the 'reality TV generation' as truth.
He is the biggest cancer on the US since George Bush.
He is a joke, posting garbage day after day like it is fact.
Just another puppet for the US corporate illusion of 'choice' and Democracy.
A paid 'shill', placating the corporate power which controls him, and his 'syrup'.

nvm i dont think its worth the time and effort to argue politics over internet

Donald Trump will serve a second term. I think he will get re-elected easily.

America has a two-term limit on the Presidency. I don't believe even the most devout Trump supporters would want that law changed. two terms is good. we have that limit for a reason.

The bigger question is who will get elected after him. If Donald still has the energy, he may campaign hard for a successor, and I think his endorsement could help the right candidate win. along with that is the question of whether or not any candidate is willing to run on the idea of "continuing the Trump Agenda".

the running trend in Presidents is that most Presidents are relected. after their second term, the next president is almost always of the opposite party. this is because most people will not be satisfied with the state of things, will blame whoever the sitting president is, therefor elect the opposition. this mostly repeats forever, with a few exceptions. you have to be SUPER terrible at being president to not get re-elected (for example, see: Jimmy Carter).

The #Trump is going down just like Al Capone did, for tax evasion...

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