Creation vs. Atheism

Why dont you believe in Shiva, Thor, zeus etc? No you believe in your CHOSEN religion and all the others are wrong. So you are an atheist when it comes to 99% of all other gods accept your own special god.

Well atheists just go one further.

Also you cant say "you cant prove god isnt true". Can we cant prove unicorns, pixies and elves dont exist? NO, but that is no reason to believe that they exist. Following your logic we should believe everything is true until proven false. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim.

"If atheism is a religion then not collecting stamps is a hobby"

Its hard to accept people can believe in magic in the 21 century, its actually quite sad.

@nuffsed81 It would take more faith to believe there is no God. It isn't a chosen religion either, why don't you read the Bible cover to cover and figure out for yourself. You are making a fool of yourself with such a stupid argument.
Why don't we believe in thor as god? Maybe because there is no historical evidence for it? I mean this is just a ridiculous argument when you actually know the Bible... It'd take more faith for me to believe atheism and evolution than the Bible sure(with proper knowledge of both sides)... but it would take more faith to believe in thor than atheism and evolution.

There is just plain no real evidence for macroevolution, and that is just 1 of the countless amount of problems with an atheists world view.

@BeliefOnTheLordJesus Which bible would you have us read? The one with no evidence for any of it's absurd claims or the the other one, which also has no evidence for any of it's absurd claims? You think it's absurd that Thor should be worshipped because of the lack of evidence, yet you must know there is none for the existence of your god, either. Atheism isn't a belief - it is the lack of belief that your or any other god exists.
No evidence for macro evolution? Then stop eating bananas because they're just imaginary. Stop keeping pet dogs because they're imaginary. 'No evidence'? Jeez.........

@BeliefOnTheLordJesus My point is that thor was used to explain a phenomena until science found the real cause. This is the same with all gods, they are a way for people to fill the gaps in human knowledge. "God of the gaps" is a very sound, logical and reasonable argument, you use your god and place him where science has not quite answered 100%.

However as science progresses the gap for your chosen god gets smaller and smaller. Consciousness is being understood more and more every year and then your god will move to other gaps.

@angrymonkey Exactly right! What bible would you @BeliefOnTheLordJesus have me read and why do they assert that i have not read the one you are talking of, i probably know it better then them. Hence the reason for not believing it. Its just a bunch of metaphor and assertion of truth and they pick and choose which parts to live by according to what they want.

For example @BeliefOnTheLordJesus
1- Do you wear to types of material at the same time?
2- Do you believe it is okay to beat someone (slaves!) and only get punished for it if they die within a few days. Basically do you believe in the "rules of slavery in bible?
3- Would you take your child to the town elders and "stone them until" they are dead if you child is a drunkard and curses at you?

NO you wouldnt i hope! So you have chosen what morals to live by and not what the bible says. I will give the chapters verses if required just to show this is not a case of "you are taking it out if context". It explicitly gives rules of slavery, stupid laws on clothing and eating shellfish (WTF) and stoning chidren. God is a genocidal maniac, i mean he even had every man, woman and child killed but he even went as far as to have every Ox killed too.

Do you agree that is okay? Kill EVERYONE because some have sinned! @BeliefOnTheLordJesus i know the bible and its just a pick and mix choose your own adventure and meaning book written by ignorant goat herders who knew nothing and thought the world was flat!

@invictum777. Just added you dude because you seem to be a voice of reason amongst this fundamentalist, ideological dogmatic nonsense thread.

@BeliefOnTheLordJesus One last thing. Atheists do not make the claim god is not real. All an atheist does is say your claim has not proven itself to be true. We dont make a claim we just realise that a burden of proof is on you to prove as you made the claim not us.


Following only some of it just shows that there is no objective morality and its all subjective, you show that by subjectively choosing what to live by and not living by every word.

@nuffsed81 Actually I am completely against only choosing certain parts, but if you don't understand dispensations you don't understand the Bible.
Atheists do make the claim God is not real, actually. Not sure where you got the idea they didn't? lol?
Evolution hasn't proven itself to be true, but yet you probably believe that.

If by reading the Bible this is what you got out... I quote you, "Its just a bunch of metaphor and assertion of truth and they pick and choose which parts to live by according to what they want."

You have to be a major idiot if you actually read and think this.

There are so many problems with your worldview that you have to resort to insulting God and his word instead of proving any points for yourself.

Also you will find a lot of "proof" for God than you think if you search for yourself with an open mind to Christianity possibly being true. But you have so many preconceived notions in your head it would be difficult to change your mind, but then again I had the same things in my head before.

I mean it 100% that it would take me a lot more faith to believe atheism to be true after really reviewing the evidences for creation, Biblical prophecy, and many other aspects. There is way too many problems with evolution, big bang theory, claims of billions of years, and they will keep putting their bandaids over their theories to brainwash you. You say God of the gaps, but that is just a cop out to actually looking into both sides.

Religion is just an excuse for perverts to do unspeakable things to children.

@invictum777 If you don't believe there is historical evidence then you don't believe any of history existed. The Textus Receptus had more than 5000 greek new testaments alone. Most documents in historical things you would accept as factual have less than 5.