Creation vs. Atheism

Wow, do you not relize that was a joke?
I try and say some weird idea and, "oh, now he beleives that he can fly just because he said he did it in a dream!"

Atheism isn't a religion.
Atheists don't think any of the supernatural beings that have been presented in religion and lore exist.

If I ever needed a judge and jury, I'd hope they were atheists. Otherwise, they might believe a lie about me without evidence, because their minds allow it all the time.

> I find that there are certain religions that are "real" while others are "fake." For example, the Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Wesleyans, Presbyterians, etc are real, while religions like the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses are merely OBVIOUSLY false!! Once we've determined the fraud religions from the REAL religions, we then look at what common denominators exist within all of the REAL religions. Once we grasp that a love being defined as "to lay down one's life for one's friends" is the gold standard of love that unites all REAL religions, then we move from there to a prayer and meditative life that transcends the mere flesh of the world we live to the higher being of the 'Christian.'

I find it both entertaining and sad how religious people think that MOST other religions are OBVIOUSLY false, some denominations are worth looking at but if you look close enough you can DEFINITELY see that this is still not the truth, but the REAL truth is a thing that a small bunch of people including the speaker believes in. Don't you find it weird that only you were smart enough to discover it? In every complex question like "How to save your soul?" religions branch into a thick forest of denominations. In contrast, the complex things that science usually promotes as truth - like evolution, big bang etc. - are believed in by billions of people. Think about it. And think how would you define the word "truth". Isn't it something that many can agree upon?

It is additionally interesting to note that you find some religions OBVIOUSLY false, probably because you know something that their believers don't. Maybe if you'd know something else that some atheists know, you'd find what you actually believe in is as stupid?


Just a word of warning, you might be about to argue with a fascist. See #210, where @TheLordOfLight said:
> Sounds like Communism.....Franco understood what to do with that!

It is of course your decision who you want to talk to, but i always felt that too close dealings with dirt might lead to it rubbing off.

> Atheism isn't a religion.

Amen. Atheism is as much a religion as celibacy is a form of sex.


I like what @TheLordOfLight said about some people just not being able to believe in God due to the lack of a soul. To me, it seems kind of like having manners. Certain people understand that the napkin is to be used during meals, but I've seen plenty of "manual laborers" in local eateries who don't seem to understand this concept. Or, another example could be that most of go to Church on Sundays, but the Jews don't seem to understand that social concept!

Did you get your info really from wikipedia!? By the way I also like Franco. He was a traditionalist, a Catholic, and probably a pretty good chess player!

@Jew_Crusher :
.Although free will seems to us, in fact, it is the Lord who chooses the bodies of atheists. It is his way of experiencing a way of approaching his world, for Himself, and there are atheists whose values and spirituality, whose religiosity exceeds that of a religious practitioner, especially when certain values like Love or joy are manifested by their presence at the top of the pyramid, and on the ladder of Jacob some atheists are actually angels covered with flesh.
God (and gods) is the magician, the theater, the actors, and in this cinema, the only thing that is Real is the screen, and the light, the films project having not even the consistency of the illusion of a mirage in the Sahara desert. I'm going to get a water source, I'm thirsty, I'm coming back for the intermission.