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  3. Corrupt-a-wish Game

Wish granted.
That wish corruption hit you EVEN harder in the feels.
I wish people actually did this.

Wish granted, the new popular activity called "This" has taken the world by storm, and destroyed it. Because it is a storm.

I wish I was a dragon.

Wish granted, you are a dragon. However you are now a sicillian dragon, and you are not as cool as the najdorf.

I wish I could make better "wish granted" responses.

Wish granted, your "wish granted" responses are better at being worse.


Error 404 File corrupted_wish.exe not found.

I wish I was a better chess player than the highest level Komodo and Stockfish put together, without any negative repercussions involving my other hobbies, skills and ability to take care of myself. Also, nobody kills me or gets mad at me.

Wish corrupted, cuz u already there:D


Error 404 File corrupted_wish.exe not found.
I wish people would play this forum game correctly.

Wish granted.
People play this game correctly, but they do it so well, the wishes can't be corrupted.
I wish I could fly AND be able to control myself AND do it without consequences AND do it anywhere AND do it well.

Wish granted. Mistaking you for a bomb carrying drone, the marines use you as artillery practice while you fly. Sadly you can't control when you fly when you are blown to smithereens.

I wish I was a MeepMonster.

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