Seirawan Chess

Seirawan Chess also known as S Chess or SHarper chess is an extremely enjoyable variant that introduces hybrid pieces into the game. As far as I know there is no place on the internet that allows you to play Seirawan Chess online. My question to the developer team is, is it practically possible to code this variant into lichess. Not only I think it would be great fun, that might be even a potential opportunity for lichess to get more attention being the first site to try it. Also I am secretly dreaming of Yasser Seirawan making his own lichess stream :)
This variant has some great ideas, and it fills a niche that isn't filled by others on Lichess! +1
Possible pitfalls would be designing icons/glyphs for the elephant and hawk, but it's definitely not technically challenging otherwise.
One more thing, GM Seirawan himself has given his blessing, and would love to see it implemented, he said so on the chessbrah Twitch stream!
i love yasser, but i hate variants, so i dont know what to think
Interesting... I wonder how the piece placement UI would work (in terms of selecting the elephant or the hawk).

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